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Your Lead Engine: eBooks

When former marketing boss Marc Carriere called asking to help him to put together some eBooks for a new lead generation project, I had to hit the "sign up" button quick smart!

The Problem:

Marc’s a lead generation guru, and his new business needed some collateral where he could share his knowledge.

My Pitch:

Match Marc’s words with some snazzy yet simple layouts and splash some creativity throughout to enhance the message.

The Result?

A trio of eBooks that helped Marc move forward with his business.

ANOTHER creative freelancer‽

Yes. As Yoda said,
there is Another

I am Yet Another Creative, the wordsmith + Idea generator + factotum you’ve been looking for. You want a one-stop shop where the guy you’re talking to is the guy who’s doing the job? That’s me.

I’ll talk with you, help you figure out what you need, write it / edit it, then get it out to the people who need to see it. Copywriting, editing, websites, print publications, even video. Just ask. It's what factotums do.

Let's talk!