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Spender: The Interview

With 2013's BigSound bringing Tommy Spender up from Melbourne to showcase his EP Modern Pest, it was a perfect opportunity to delve into his experiences and processes. Warning: contains name-dropping (cough Sia cough cough Gotye cough).

Category: Interviews Date: December 8, 2013

The Problem:

Even experienced artists like Tommy Spender need promotion, and coming to Brisbane BigSound allowed for an in-person interview.

My Pitch:

Let’s find a quiet place near the venue and record some insights during a break between performances and interviews.

The Result?

Tommy sits on the steps of the hotel across the street from the main venue and talks about songwriting, how he became unexpectedly big in Mexico, busking, Sia Furler & his first guitar, his debut independent Modern Pest EP, and of course whistling. Of course.

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