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The Problem with Prince’s Legacy

Where the problem with Prince’s legacy lies is not within his vault, but with his 25 + albums he released after his split with Warner Bros. in the mid-90's that most people don’t knew exist.

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The Problem:

In the year following the death of musical icon Prince, all talk was on what (if anything) was in his mythical vault and how the estate would handle its release. I saw a problem of a similar size that was staring at them in plain sight.

My Pitch:

As an exercise to channel my knowledge of Prince I decided to evaluate and propose a solution on how to introduce non-fans to the enormous amount of material he had quietly released on minor labels between 1995 and 2016.

The Result?

An overview of how the situation occurred: his fervent pursuit of full ownership of his music, his legal stouch with Warner Bros; and the resulting tsunami of material he unleashed with the “shackles” of a label removed … and a proposal on how to curate this enormous output realistically – including playlists!

**Since this article, Prince’s estate and Sony music have released the majority of the albums from this period digitally, with a mega-sampler entitled Anthology. I’ve decided that a follow-up article in response to this strategy will be forthcoming.

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