Zaraffa’s Grind: David Bowie

The Problem:

Fortunately Zarraffa’s Grind Magazine was very open to interesting story ideas, so when I learnt of David Bowie’s fascination with Uluru, I pitched the idea and they jumped at it.

My Pitch:

Interview people who knew him and delve into his relationship with Australia.

The Result?

I was extremely lucky to be able to speak with Andrew Duffield, keyboardist with Models (who supported Bowie on tour across Australia and New Zealand) who provided an insight into Bowie’s backstage and offstage persona, and from diligent research found quotes from other prominent Australian musicians like Doc Neeson and Paul Dempsey who also had the privilege to tour with the Thin White Duke. Combined with quotes from Bowie himself, and others who had crossed his path during his time down under, I was able to piece together this glimpse into a private fascination he held all of his life.