Basically: An Interview with The Basics

The Problem:

On the eve of their first Australian tour in three years, The Basics: Wally De Backer (AKA Gotye), Kris Schroeder & Tim Heath had been very quiet. Too quiet. Their fan clubs (the Gotyettes & Wall-Nuts) were hungry for news, and I was also wondering what they had planned.

My Pitch:

Having conversed with Wally pre-Making Mirrors I asked if he would be open to a band interview, which he kindly agreed to. To ensure the discussion was inclusive of international fan’s interests, I invited member of the Gotyettes & Wall-Nuts to submit questions.

The Result?

(Almost) twenty minutes of insightful, hilarious, and occasionally mundane (never!) chatter with a band of mates who obviously love their chosen profession.