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Ben from Brisbane’s Showreel

Ben Zabel (known to his fans as Ben from Brisbane) is one-of-a-kind. Lovable, quirky and fun; his snorty laugh is infectious, his out-of-nowhere stories are hilarious, and his view of the world is well, unique. Crazily enough though, from years on our screens, he didn't have a showreel!

Name: Ben from Brisbane's Showreel Client: Ben Zabel Category: Video

The Problem:

In early 2015, Ben was asked to provide a showreel by one of the networks, the only problem was, with years of experience from reporting for various entertainment shows, he didn’t have one!

My Pitch:

Having pointed out my dalliance with video editing from my interviews with The Basics and Tommy Spender, I suggested I could trawl the web for clips featuring Ben to assemble a showreel.

The Result?

As the network viewer of the reel said “it’s good to see you got it done professionally”.

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