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He Hears Motion

The constant requirement for personal and inspirational content for an in-store café magazine led me to Interview creative powerhouses to write articles about how they achieve success through multiple avenues.

Name: He Hears Motion Client: Zaraffas Coffee Category: Copywriting Date: June 12, 2017 Website: Reprinted on Medium

The Problem:

Zarraffa’s Grind Magazine regularly called for personal and inspirational content for an in-store café magazine.

My Pitch:

Interview creative souls who have harnessed their abilities to succeed in multiple areas – in this case, keyboardist, songwriter and producer of legendary Models.

The Result?

This article was originally printed in Zarraffa’s Grind magazine, Issue 24 (print only – not online).
The linked version on Medium is an expanded version featuring unedited text and more images.

View at Medium.com

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