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Nexus Law Group: PowerPoint

A classic business project: take content from an existing presentation and implement a new design layout - while adding appropriate supporting imagery where possible. 

Name: Introduction to Contracts and Contracting Client: Nexus Law Category: Powerpoint Website: Nexus Law Group

The Problem:

Your simple, run-of-the-mill daily business requirement: take an existing powerpoint presentation (or series in this case) and implement new branding.

My Pitch:

How soon do you want it?

The Result?

Thankfully I didn’t have to edit any of the slides as they were already short and sweet, and the new branding layout featured a motif of concentric circles absolutely perfect for imagery. It was a simple process of laying out the existing text into the new format.

Not to overload the senses, I identified topics every three of four slides apart that would be good to illustrate, then sourced royalty-free, creative common images to use.

After applying filters to make the images greyscale, then filtered with a blue tone, the project was complete.

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