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Vocal – FU CV19, I’m Gonna ❤️ NSFW More!

A challenge to inspire others by talking about what gives you joy during these trying times reminded me of all the hilarious internet accounts that have taken this time to create truly unique content. Some existed before the lockdown, others created in spite of. Read on Vocal: FU CV19, I'm Gonna ❤️ NSFW More!  

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Medium – Does Your Taste In Music Suck?

If you utterly adore One Direction and/or traditional Country & Western and/or Kanye West, then the answer is yes. Or no — depending on YOUR musical tastes. Confused? Let’s see if I can offend / enlighten you even more … The only 100% truth is that MY taste in music is exceptional. Still confused? Let me explain ... Read on Medium (friend link): Does Your Taste in Music Suck?  

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