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SuperQuickReviews: Bite Size Movie Critiques

If you've ever wanted to challenge yourself to writing concisely, reviews are a terrific option. "What's it about?" without spoiling the plot, "what are the pros and cons?" without getting too detailed, and all within two paragraphs!

The Problem:

Fellow factotum Anthony Sherratt, lecturer, radio presenter and blogger (see his charming ongoing open letter to his twin daughters Dear Little Girls), conceived a website where you are served with movie reviews that can be read in a minute. It’s a lot harder than it sounds: capturing the essence of a piece of art that averages 90 to 120 minutes in just one.

My Pitch:

Take on the persona of the movie in the review – if it’s a drama try to evoke the feeling, if it’s a comedy be a bit cheeky, if it’s a mystery – keep the reader wanting more.

The Result?

Challenge accepted, in fact as of writing this I’m getting ready to see a movie Disney tried to stop being released. Where’s the popcorn?

See all of my Movies In A Minute at SuperQuickReviews here.

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