Lady Musgrave Trust: The Handy Guide

The Problem:

For the 8th edition of The Lady Musgrave Trust’s 80 page A Handy Guide For Homeless Women in Brisbane there were a mere dozen or so text updates collated from email responses that needed to be implemented into their Adobe InDesign file.

Shortly after starting, it was revealed a rebranding was ready to implement, which I was more than happy to roll out.

The real project began when I found a typo in a description which led me to do some sub-editing and discovering the information for that entry was out-dated. This typo discovery was the lid of an unexpected Pandora’s Box.

My Pitch:

Instead of relying on email replies that may not be completed correctly (if answered at all) we should contact service providers directly to ensure that the information is not just correct, but appropriate for the target user.

As the booklet is meant to be a quick guide, the information needs to be concise – just the pertinent facts. So existing information should be double-checked and edited.

With such an upheaval of information, the presentation should also be addressed. For example, as the Queensland Health policy is to seek assistance via their phone / internet platform first to identify whether the patient needs an ambulance, GP or hospital, the Health section was completely redone to reflect their recommendations.

Skills & Tools:

The Result?

A fresh look (using the inspired redesign provided by Rowland) with information that is up-to-date and simplified – hopefully just what is needed by someone who has found themselves in a bad situation and needs a helping hand.

The current edition can be found on The Lady Musgrave Trust’s website.