My LEGO Death Star mod

There are certain sets we love.

But they don't have to stay exactly how they came out of the box.

You can add a few touches here and there, or completely remodel to make it your own!

Mini figs

I’ve always thought it was funny to put minifigs where they shouldn’t be.

As soon as I got him, the balloon making clown took centre stage … performing to a couple of protocol droids. Apparently it’s a thing ALL droids love!

What universe?

Sure – the clown is a CMF (Collectable Mini Figure) and not from the Star Wars universe … but that makes it all the more fun! Mix up your genres!

what next

It started with one clown and two golden droids. Now there are even droids from different Star Wars eras. What about robots from elsewhere?

Spot the ...

A LEGO minifigure is defined as a person made up of a head, torso, and lower body. They can then have accessories, like hats. Some droids like R2 units almost fit into this idea, but others don’t. Which ones shouldn’t really be called ‘minifigs’?

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I’m lucky enough to display my MOD (modified) LEGO as a member of the local Brisbane LUG (LEGO User Group) for AFOLS (Adult Fans of LegoS), BrisBricks.

I joined last year (2020) and have already participated in a number of displays at the Logan Hyperdome Library.

I even won a MOC building competition one month!

If you enjoy LEGO, join as a social member – it’s FREE! There’s even a junior membership for 15-17 year olds.

My MOD Death Star Diorama made its public debut in the showroom of the amazing BrickResales.

Judy started this avenue to get quality second hand parts because she is a LEGO fan herself, and in her search found others looking for the same thing.

Thanks to a thing called a pandemic, Judy moved away from doing pop-up shops (quite often at BrisBrick expos) to being an online store. Then when they became immensely popular she asked – “why not have our own showroom where people can dig in the tubs they love, and we can put on displays”?

This they now did.

And that’s how BrisBricks got to have their first display here on the weekend of the 10th & 11th of July 2021. 

It’s a reverse of how it used to be – but the community spirit is still there thanks to Judy and her amazing team. Visit sometime!