An email offer from QPAC for one of my favourite comedy acts reminded me that the four Ps of marketing are as simple as they are powerful:

  • Product
  • Place
  • Price
  • Promotion

The delightfully odd Kransky Sisters of Esk used the four Ps to craft the perfect marketing offer.

These talented young musical comedians focussed on their very essence to create a campaign to sell last-minute tickets to their latest production, A Very Kransky Christmas:

  • Product – musical comedy with a twist
  • Place – their fictional “huddle of strange sisters” are from Esk (postcode 4312)
  • Price – $43.12
  • Promotion – only available for the next 43 hours and 12 minutes

It could have taken an instant to come up with this campaign idea, it could have taken hours. The simple ones are quite often the hardest.

You will know when you’ve hit gold – it will be memorable. Just like The Kransky Sisters. The important thing is, if you haven’t got a memorable promotion idea, keep going. The brilliant one you’ve been aiming for could be in the next keystroke.

Even if you’ve missed this offer (or this performance), reward these clever performers by attending one of their shows. You’ll be in for a memorable evening!

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